About Sanchi

History is written based on various knowledge sources documented from time to time. Today we have, many such documentation done in various corners of the world. However, locally in Karnataka we do not have many such documentation done. Some of the collections available are exclusive and it is difficult for common man to access it and use the knowledge stored there. Also the problem is that, they are not centralized for easy access. Keeping all these in mind, some of us got together to start a portal for documentation. We have named it ‘Sanchi Foundation’.

“Sanchi” is a not for profit organization working for the documentation of audio-visual heritage.

We do documentation in folk, classical art forms and other steams of knowledge on priority basis. Documentation is something, which is largely ignored by many. Some understand the importance but are not sure what is the best way. Keeping this in mind, we also want to create online material about documentation. We would also like to do workshops and train people in documentation. We hope this effort will help us create a community, which contributes to a documentation, which will eventually become the collective source of knowledge. We want to make our documentation available for public use for free. So all the documentation done through Sanchi Foundation will be released under Creative Commons and released to public usage. However, it would be restricted from commercial usage. We are a not for profit organization. Our work happens through gracious donations by generous donors. We also depend on community participation for documentation. So if you would like to donate any rare video of famous personalities, places, processes, any audio clip, text, video clip do write to us and we can work together about the possibilities of documenting it.