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Tirugata is a repertory of Ninasam established in 1985. A group of 20 ex-students of Ninasam Theatre Institute formed every July, rehearse that season’s plays and travel all over the state for almost a year. Performing almost every day with roughly 120 shows in 140 days, Tirugata has over 85 productions so far with more than 3400 shows and has catered to over 20-lakh audiences. 80% of the shows have been conducted in small towns, and have covered all districts of Karnataka. Plays vary from Western to Indian, and directors are invited from Karnataka and as well outside.

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Community Participation

Sanchi Foundation believes in community participation to take this project to next level. To begin with, we would like to translate the subtitles to all the plays in all possible languages. So if you are willing to help us in this project, please get in touch with us.

Atta Dari Itta Puli Crew

We thank Ninasam community, Heggodu

All who helped this project Directly and indirectly

Sanchi Foundation Documentation team

Camera – Vishnu Prasad, Lakshman Nayak, Abhaya Simha | Camera assistant – Ravi | Sound design – Jamie DSilva, Shishira K.V | Editing of plays – Prashanth Pandith | Interviews – NAM Ismail | Editing of interviews – Abhaya Simha | Internet technology – Omshivaprakash | Media Management – Mansore | Subtitles – Avinash G. | Documentation Direction – Abhaya Simha

Ninasam Tirugata 2016

Concept and Direction – Haisnam Tomba | Documentation Sponsors – Ninasam Tirugata, Sanchi Foundation

Cast & Crew

Avinash Rai M.K. | Ganesh M. | Prathibha B.G. | Prasanna G.V. | Bindu Raxidi | Manjappa Hulagi Nasagunni | Manju Sirigeri | Yashavanth Belthangadi | Roopa C.R. | Shriharsha G. Gobhat | Shrinidhi Achar K.S. | Suneela Jarandagudde | Lighting | Gangadhar Patil | Manjappa Hulagi | Avinash Rai M.K. | Prasanna G.V. (Vamshaja) | Lighting Design – Krishnamurthy M.M. | Light Management – Gangadhar Patil | Music/Sound – Ravikumar Sogivala, Basavaraj Angadi | Stage Craft – Manju Sirigeri, Bindu Raxidi, Shriharsha G. Gobhat, Shrinidhi Achar K.S., Yashavanth | Costumes – Roopa C.R., Ganesh M. | Makeup – Prathibha B.G. | Properties – Suneela Jarandagudde | Stage Management – Bindu Raxidi | Tour Manager – H.C. Chalavadi | Office Management – Shrikanth G.R. | Planning and Management – Shripad T. Bhagawat | Stage Design Assistance – Mohan Sheni, Shrikanth Otigodu, Gireesh Otigodu, Nagaraj J.C. (Papanna), Veeresh Davanagere, Manjunath Sindhe, Gurumurthy Varadamoola | Costume Preparation – Susheela Hegde, Raaju Achar, Jagadish Sagara, H.S. Phaniyamma, Mahesh Hebbalu | Cooperation – Swayamprabha, M.S. Nagaraj, Jagadish and Brothers, Kanthu Sarees, Sagara | Stills – Ramesh P.K.

Sanchi Foundation

Sanchi Foundation (R) has joined forces with Ninasam for this documentation project. Sanchi  Foundation is a not for profit organization working for the documentation of audio-visual heritage. Sanchi Foundation has a vast experience in audio-visual documentation.

Support by Funding this project

Sanchi Foundation works through public contributions. All donors will receive a receipt from Sanchi Foundation (R).

Donation to Sanchi Foundation is recognized under 80G for income tax exemption.